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PRISCIEN. [Institutionum grammaticarum libri]... - Lot 0 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés
PRISCIEN. [Institutionum grammaticarum libri]
Manuscript. Late 18th century. 139 ff. of parchment, 24 x 15.8 cm, bound in a volume of dark brown basane, spine ribbed and floral, fine cold rolled with gold monogram "AS" in the centre; and a face with a long nose fulfilling the usual functions of the manicle (f. 13 v°).
WITH POEMS OR EXTRACTS FROM LATIN POEMS, LISTED ON THE MEDIEVAL GUARD OF PARCHEMIN kept at the end of the volume bears: quotations, notably from the goliard poet Hugues Primas (c. 1093-1160, "more volantis avis....") or of Évrard de Béthune (died in 1212, "arcesso cupio sapio..."), proverbs ("Antea siccari poterit mare vel numerari omnis arena..."), sentences, one of which is obscene ("Ad formam nasi cognoscitur alta Priapi").
WITH A BEAUTIFUL FEMALE PORTRAIT (pen and ink, 20 x 15 mm, unfortunately affected by wetness).
Provenance and other marks: inscription, probably from the 18th century, erroneously indicating "Grammaticus scriptus anno 1312" (back of the preserved old guard); gold monogram "AS" in the centre of the plates; illegible red wax seal on the first counterplate.
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