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Descrizione del regale apparato per le nozze della serenissima madama
Cristina di Loreno moglie del serenissimo Don Ferdinando Medici III gran duca di Toscana. In Firenze appresso Antonio Padovani, 1589. 2 parts in one volume in-folio, 32-(4)-176 pp. with (4) pp. unencrypted between pages 126 and 127 (leaves signed Cc3 and Cc4 inserted between leaves Cc1 and
Cc2, and bearing the text entitled "Ornamento fatto dentro nel duomo"), red morocco, ribbed spine, threaded cuts, gilded inner lace, some restorations including the gutter margins of the first two leaves fully restored, some stains and marginal stains (bound by
Zaehnsdorf. London. England).
ORIGINAL EDITION OF A RARE INSIGNE. The editor of the Ruggieri catalogue had only found two complete copies, and the Catalogo unico only lists five to date. Indeed, the two parts were often separated because of the presence of a particular title at the beginning of the second part: Della Descrizione del regale [...]. Moreover, the "Ornamento" was printed separately and is not always present -
it is missing, for example, from the copies of the Harvard College Library and the British Museum (Mortimer,
Italian, no. 224). This illustrated in-folio edition is not to be confused with an in-4 edition without illustrations published in the same year by the same bookseller, which is more frequently encountered.
SUPERB ILLUSTRATION ENGRAVED ON COPPER: 68 etchings in the text, including one in the title, 8 double-page and 58 full-page, in a spontaneous style with the charm of a masterful sketch. "In the field of the illustrated book [...], the contribution of Raffaello Gualterotti [1543-1639], man of letters, dilettante artist, astrologer and astronomer, alchemist, physician and naturalist, is both regular and always original" (Massimiliano Rossi, "The frontispiece of Raffaello Gualterotti's Polemidoro. 1600", in The Italian Illustrated Book in the 16th century. Text/image,
Paris, Klincksieck, PSN, 1999
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