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Ordinary covered milk jug, polychrome decoration of two cherubs in clouds eating grapes after François Boucher, in a reserve surrounded by gold garlands of foliage and flowers standing out against a green background. The handle, lid, spillway and inner rim are adorned with garlands and lace.
Gold frame chased with volutes, punched with a scallop shell (punch used in Paris between 1756 and 1762).
Mark of interlaced LL.
Letter-date A for the year 1754.
Decoration attributed to Charles-Nicolas Dodin (1734-1803).
Height with the frame: 12 cm
This milk jug is one of the first examples with a green background bearing the date-letter A. It probably came out of batch no. 9 (July-August 1754), which contained several pieces in this colour, including an "ordinary milk jug" and "bowl" with "green background Enf. Coloriés" (see T. Préaud and A. d'Albis, La Porcelaine de
Vincennes, Paris, 1991, p. 128). It is likely that this milk jug was assembled with the round bowl from the old Yves Mikaeloff collection, similarly marked with the letter-date A, whose decoration of cherubs after Boucher on a green background is attributed to Dodin, and whose gold ornamentation also corresponds to that of this milk jug.
This bowl was the subject of a study in an article in Connaissance des Arts, n° 437-438, of July-August 1988.
In the Livre-Journal of Lazare Duvaux (1748-1758), we find the mention, in October 1757, of the purchase of a mounting designated as: "the gold ringed trim with lid & hinge for a small water pot of green porcelain from France with figures 128 pounds" by the Marquise de Pompadour. We can envisage that our ordinary milk jug could correspond to the piece designated by Lazare Duvaux, despite the difference in the denomination of the object.
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