ROBERTO MATTA (1911-2002)

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ROBERTO MATTA (1911-2002)
Untitled, 1957
Oil on canvas, signed and dated on the back.
114 x 146.5 cm
This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Madame Alisée Matta, dated 2 April 2021.
Matta's dizzying world is a gigantic melting pot in perpetual evolution, tumultuous, bubbling, elusive, chaotic, just like his mental universe.
To generate his sturbulent spaces Matta remains a fervent follower of the principle of "absolute automatism" put at the service of a delirious imagination. He constantly invents unsuspected spaces like an architect of the cosmos, which he populates with ectoplasmic creatures, lamelliform robots, humanoid couples, and organic interlacing.
This painter of the infra-worlds, demiurge of his own graphic improvisations, levitates stellar accretions, galaxy dust, interstellar deflagrations with hallucinatory robots, scaffolding of beams, solar panel outbursts, space cubes, meteorites or tentacular machines as never dreamed of before, both mechanical and carnal...
The colour, volatilized under the effect of an irradiant vaporization, is adorned in turn with sweet tones ranging from metallic blues to "schoking" pinks, from shades of absinthe to acidulous greens, unless the palette suddenly plunges into the abyssal pits where the craziest magnetic storms are born, swirling around ash greys, sooty blacks and underground fires disintegrated by sudden deflagrations...
For more than half a century, Roberto Matta has never ceased to stage worlds vibrating with threats that take shape, that love each other, that fall in love and that finally resemble us because these worlds concern us: we are caught up in this unbelievable plastic big-bang that is closer to a universal fission and to the war of the worlds than to a purely intellectual fiction. Matta is signing a new reality of the world, one in which sovereign utopia imposes its rules.
Paul Duchein, June 1999 (Matta, Françoise Tournié/Château de Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, 1999)
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