DES PÉRIERS (Bonaventure)

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DES PÉRIERS (Bonaventure)
New recreations and happy quotes. In Rouen, from the printing house of David Du Petit Val, 1615. Petit in-12, 467-(13 of which the last white) pp., garnet morocco, decorated spine with ribs, fine gilt lace framing the plates with gilt coat of arms in the centre, ornate cups, gilt inner roulette, gilt purple paper lining and endpapers, gilt edges, slight restoration on the upper cover (late 17th century binding
RARE EDITION, absent from the BnF and CCfr.
Collection originally published posthumously in 1558, and regularly reissued and enlarged - to the 90 tales of the authors were added up to forty apocryphal pieces in the same spirit.
SHORT TALES OFFERING A FACITATIVE CRITICISM OF THE SOCIETY OF TIME, at the Court and in the city, especially of the lower clergy. Borrowing situations and good words from the oral and bookish tradition, Bonaventure Des Périers nevertheless proposes a realistic adaptation to the context of his time, in a lively and concise style, without moral conclusions.
HUMANISING A TIME LINKED TO THE REFORM, BONAVENTURE DES PÉRIERS (c. 1510-1543) took part in the work of the group gathered in Neufchâtel around Olivétan, from where the Calvinist Bible came out. After assisting Étienne
Dolet in his philological research, he entered the service of Marguerite of Navarre in 1536 as valet and secretary. He wrote his Nouvelles récréations at the same time as Marguerite composed the tales of Heptameron. In 1537, he also published the Cymbalum mundi, an enigmatic work in which he painted a dark picture of the inanity of human agitation.
BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE, RELATED IN MAROQUIN TO THE WEAPONS OF THE BAILLI OF THE OLDER (OHR, pl. no. 718, small-format iron without frame). Jean de La Vieuville was notably ambassador of the Order of Malta at
Paris from 1712 until his death in 1714. The Duke of Saint-Simon praised him highly: "He was one of the kindest men I have ever seen, and a very honest man, noble and magnificent as f
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